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The most excitement park is wadi water park fills with huge water and people can float in water and blasted around powered jet ride for the thrill seekers. People from the different country enjoy shopping in tax free way. There are number of shopping malls are situated in Dubai. This will increase the economic wealth which will helps in expanding the other sectors for the development of the nation.

In the gulf area Dubai is named as the economic centre. Shopping in Dubai is most reflecting facility of cosmopolitan lifestyle. Dubai is also given the importance for sports and conducted events like cricket competition, Dubai world cup, desert polo and classic golf tournament.

It is developed in all the countries with different features. People can enjoy by fishing and surfing in the water. Always kids have a huge affinity towards the animals and birds. It is a special place of tourist and kids to have a more fun.

This centre is comfort with good seating arrangements and peaceful shopping environment. Most of the people will visit desert safari for challenging ride.

Upgrading of hotels and accommodation facilities. List of shopping malls in Dubai Dubai has been nicknamed the "shopping capital of the Middle East. Other most attraction for the kids is Dubai zoo. The buildings lining the Bur Dubai side of the Creek provide the main flavor of the old city.

It is also serves as the one of the international business hub. Dubai offers a huge tourist spots for the people to express their charm and splendour life.

The Growth of Tourism in Dubai essay

The Emirates mall which is in Dubai is one of the largest shopping mall in the world and it is centrally located in Dubai and the most famous mall in Dubai is Deira City Centre.

Due to increased number of travelers in Dubai people finds very difficult to get the rooms. It also offers some packages in terms of incentives not anywhere in the world. It has been concluded that travel and tourism are the major resource for Dubai to earn the foreign exchanges.

This hotel comprises with lots of indoor pool, spa and health clubs. People can take the camera for safari to take the pictures of sunset and shadows falls on the desert. Tourism is the major resource of revenue in Dubai. In that case Dubai is one of the largest tourism in the world.

People can enjoy in sight seeing like historical buildings, monuments, temple and skyscrapers. Morning and evening safari is available for clients.

The history of the village can be traced back — years. The Mercato Town Centre which is in Dubai is available with all the facilities like movies, romantic dinner parties etc. A people from all over the globe visit Dubai for their holiday trip.

Tourism plays vital role for many countries like Spain Italy France Thailand and even islands also like Maldives, Fiji etc. This move was the first step that led to the development of tourism in Dubai.

For example, by the yearthe main Middle East airline in Dubai was the Emirates airline. All the products are available in a decent price which is attracted by the visitors.

Tourism helps to lift the country standard in a peak position. Dubai offers luxuries to the tourist who comes from all over the globe with the spectacular features. The safe environment and good lifestyle make the people to feel more comfortable. Government immunization programs have led to recognition by a travel magazine.

It is more important to book the room in advance to enjoy the trip purposefully. As per pocock shopping is one of the most important thing in the world which attracts especially the women and children. This will includes like the airlines fare crew ship fare also accompanies with the accommodation in the hotels, resorts and the entertainments.

Economically it pays the value for the domestic market. Fishing is also attracts most of the tourist in the Dubai.Discover Dubai, with world-class tourism and magnificent tailored destinations.

are the essence of our work. Through effective management, we aim to enable our people to fulfil their potential and help us realise the DTCM mission together. Green Way The Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing rewards pioneering hotels for their.

Essay on Tourism Dubai Tourism Dubai Palm Island Dubai (Jumeirah Palm Island) is an ambitious real Tourism is also very good for Dubai because it brings loads of jobs for the locals and they can help support their family which is a positive thing.

The study of tourism in Dubai shows how a small and relatively remote country with little natural attractions can become an internationally reputed tourist attraction centre. In Dubai potential weaknesses and threats have been turned into strengths and opportunities.

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Tourism in Dubai is a part of the Dubai government's strategy to maintain the flow of foreign cash into the emirates. Dubai's lure for tourists is based mainly on shopping, but also on its possession of other ancient and modern the Dubai City News saying, "These laws help discourage anyone from carrying or using drugs.

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(Abu Dhabi and dubai to lead the region’ tourism projects).

Tourism in dubai essay help
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