The technology of sport compact cars essay

By the end of the year, two companies, XM Radio and Sirius Satellite, are expected to have satellites In place that will be able to broadcast synchronized radio signals all over the country. If a slower vehicle is detected in front of your car, the system will slow down the car until you reach the set distance that you selected earlier.

With these new technologies and the other technologies that will surely come, the roads will be a much safer place with less accidents and faster trips. This will also easily and quickly locate your car if it is stolen. In an accident, the system will automatically call for help and transmit your location, while center personnel direct emergency help to the vehicle.

I will then cover different ways to make driving easier, such as intelligent cruise control, and voice control. Example Essays I will cover several main ideas in this report.

The next piece of sophisticated technology is voice-recognition technology, or simply the ability to control systems by talking to the car. Sports cars often serve as a means of testing new automotive technology before it becomes commonplace in everyday vehicles.

You will be able to let the cruise control drive for you, park easily and without worry, drive without any sort of movements inside of the car, and control the car with voice commands.

The result is a plush, comfortable ride. Copyright,, by the author. I will now give an overview of the new technologies that are aimed at comfort. Meanwhile, sports car production was fairly strong in Europe before and after World War II The first safety feature is push-button help.

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Sports cars are known for their light weight, speed, nimble handling, and appearance. You will have much less things to worry about and have more fun driving. I will now discuss several safety features that will be put into high tech cars.

For example, automakers have used sports cars to demonstrate the efficiencies of multi-valve, overhead cam engine designs, rack and pinion steering, and four wheel disc brakes before they were incorporated in inexpensive passenger cars.

The hard part about developing this technology was getting it to recognize different voices and inflections. Using this, the system can tell if a child is in the seat by monitoring the height or if a person is leaning against the door.

This lets the driver keep his eyes on the road and his hands on the steering wheel. Often expensive, they bring status and the exhilaration of speed to those who drive them.

With generally favorable power to weight ratios, these cars often accelerate more quickly than other automobiles do. Wednesday, October 26, A short and simple essay on sports cars Written for younger readers: This race and others like it helped encourage the development of the automobile, and soon special cars were being built for racing.

At that time, rich enthusiasts started racing one another on public roads from town to town. Inthe General Motors Corporation launched the Corvette. These cars were discovered by American G. This new system also maintains a set distance from other cars too. The Ford Motor Company responded with more luxurious Thunderbird inbut Ford eventually turned the "T-bird" into a four-seater.

Thus, the Corvette remained the only true sports car made in the United States until the Chrysler Corporation introduced the Dodge Viper in Your life will be affected in many ways from these new technologies.

This is only available on the Cadillac DeVille. There are even massaging backrests to calm you down. American manufacturers soon responded to the appearance of European sports cars on American shores.See the list and read more at Car and Driver.

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The sports utility vehicle swerves out the way avoiding it.

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Nevertheless, the driver of the car was not able to see ahead of the road because of the size of the sports utility vehicle in front. The innocent chimpanzee was hit by the car and has severe injuries. However, if only cars were on road, the drivers would be able to have a better view.

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Most vehicles fall into three major classifications: car, truck, and sport-utility vehicle. One compact, or small cars are classified based on the length and Electricity is a method that uses the power of batteries to produce low horsepower in most electrical cars.

The purpose of this essay is to classify the different. Ford® EcoSport Compact SUV | Confidence-Inspiring Technology Features | Cars.

Fiesta. 1 The all-new EcoSport offers available technology that makes driving more convenient than ever. Creating a Market for Electric Cars Essay example - When Ford Motor Company was founded init would go on to start a revolution for the American auto industry.

The technology of sport compact cars essay
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