Social reformer anna hazare essay

In the yearPakistan attacked India and at that time, Hazare was posted at the Khemkaran border. It has not decreased at all. Despite of all criticisms levelled against him by his political adversaries, Arvind Kejriwal raised hopes for a maverick political practice and re-energizing of the weary Indian politics.

What is the condition of the farmers? While in Libya and Yemen there is bloodshed for freedom, where people are waging war against one another during the crisis, here in India, a respected social activist Anna Hazare is waging a peaceful, non violent war against corruption. We promoted rain harvesting and encouraged people to recharge the ground water.

The shortage of water also led to disease from unsanitary conditions and water reuse for multiple purposes.

Anna Hazare's Movement Against Corruption

He later adopted the name Anna, which in Marathi means "elder person" or "father". In a village where it was impossible to irrigate acres of land to get a single crop, now we have enough water to ensure two crops for an area of 1, acres of land.

The sources of energy are limited and hence I am concerned about the next generations. What do you want to do next? The initiative continued with agricultural reforms to improve crop yields and increase available farmland. It became mandatory to seek the sanction of the Gram Sabha an assembly of all village adults, and not just the few elected representatives in the gram panchayat for expenditures on development works in the village.

This movement is run entirely by public support without and grants or sponsorships. He further went on an indefinite hunger strike in Alandi on the same issue. And then I discovered that this development work suffers from leaks caused by corruption.

Hazare did not relent — he agitated at least ten times.

Essay on Arvind Kejriwal

In the view of making AAP national party its members adopted a small state strategy. For the betterment of the condition of the village he began to work independently.

In the future, the BVJA will work for the decentralisation of power and laws related to the same. By keeping an eye on conserving every drop of water and preventing erosion of the fertile soil, he steered the villagers to begin working towards water conservation.Free Essays on My Social Reformer Aana Hazare.

Get help with your writing. 1 through We’ve Got Lots of Free Essays. Login; social activist Anna Hazare said he would move the Ombudsman in India too. An Essay on Maharana Pratap Maharana Pratap is important name in the history of Mughal period in India. They loved their country.

Anna Hazare

Medha Patkar (born on 1 December ) is an Indian social activist working on various crucial political and economical issues raised by Tribals, Dalits, Farmers, labourers and Women facing injustice in India.

She is an alumnus of TISS, a premier institute of India. A social reformer is someone who pushes for reform in a defined area of society in order to change it for their opinion of the better.

For example a more obscure example such as James Oglethorpe who reformed British colonisation by encouraging an. Anna Hazare Biography. Anna Hazare was born as Kisan Baburao Hazare on January 15, in Bhingar, Ahmednagar district in Maharashtra.

Medha Patkar

This well-known social worker hails from a modest background. Anna Hazare, Ahmednagar, India. likes. From a tenacious soldier to a social reformer, and a right to information crusader, Anna Hazare’s journey of.

Anna Hazare Essay  Anna Hazare and His Fast a former army driver and a social reformer, Anna Hazare. But as the middle class is now learning, it is in the nature of things that if you start a circus, sooner or later the clowns will arrive.


Social reformer anna hazare essay
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