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Building Confidence in Our Foundations This tone of enthusiasm and positivity that permeates the book ultimately sets it apart from other related texts and makes it an essential read. Works Cited Adler-Kassner, Linda.

To accomplish this, he not only has to inspire the field to perceive assessment—generally not the most appreciated area of study—as deeply significant to theory and pedagogy, he also has to counter some common misconceptions about the history of assessment in writing.

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Assessment needs to be rearticulated by composition and rhetoric scholars as an important, necessary part of writing scholarship and teaching. Some readers, though, will have some nagging questions: Assessment can be social action, something that the field claims again, led by WPAs and teachers.

Re Articulating Writing Assessment. This means we must understand how historical frames have shaped and still shape writing and writing assessment, and so Chapter 3 re articulating writing assessment topics the historical lens, while narrowing the conceptual lens from education to composition and writing assessment.

W in writing assessment. Assessment clear and simple: Our involvement in discussions about assessment might need to re articulating writing assessment topics intervention into how they work, and who gets to speak, in the first place.

This building metaphor allows the authors to construct an understandable and accessible foundation for their discussion by explaining that initial framing is "generating ideological structures that shape understanding" p.

If we want to exert some influence on writing assessment, the authors counsel, we must work with these others, not against them. But, despite these confusing metaphors, the authors close the text on a positive note, reminding the reader that "reframing writing assessment, like writing, is a process that improves with revision and practice" p.

Rearticulating Writing Assessment for Teaching and Learning

Is it true that if we learn to argue better, people in power will start listening to us? The authors provide readers with a fairly extensive history of both composition and assessment, thus serving as a sort of primer to the fields, all while successfully encouraging readers to get involved with assessment on our own campuses.

Member Institution Access "An agenda for assessment that recognizes it as an important element for social action allows us to guard against over-privileging the values, gestures and customs of certain groups, and provides assessment with the potential to become an agent for progressive social change that highlights the improvement of educational environments and opportunities for all students.

No, that would imply that assessment had been previously claimed.

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In other words, every part contains the whole, and the whole is a never-beginning, never-ending transformation of the part. Instead, assessment has been used as an interested social mechanism for reinscribing current power relations and class systems.

Huot is professor of English and coordinator of the writing program at Kent State University. Further, Huot concludes that our concept of validity must evolve from a simple correlation—does the test measure what it purports to measure?

All instructors are inculcated in the goals of the program, but diversity among pedagogical approaches is actually encouraged. Utah State UP, His focus has been to integrate theories and principles from educational measurement with an understanding of the ways in which writing is theorized and researched.

After consulting her colleagues on the WPA Listserv, she writes a memo to the university assessment committee outlining her concerns about the CLA. As Huot notes, "What writing assessment culture does exist often revolves around a sense of crisis, in which assessment is cobbled together at the last minute in response to an outside call that somehow puts a program at risk" Creating a culture of assessment in writing programs and beyond.

The case studies are drawn from a range of institutions a two-year college, comprehensive state university, Jesuit college, and technical university and program types writing, WAC, engineering programs, and a writing center.

Part scholarly monograph, part handbook, part rallying cry, Reframing Writing Assessment is an important addition to a spate of recent books on assessment that encourage K and college teachers to take back our professional lives.

Changing Stories About Writing and Writers, Adler-Kassner lays the groundwork for Reframing Writing Assessment when she explains that these stories "shape every aspect of our working lives. They end the book on a distinctly enthusiastic note: The book will be most useful to Writing Program Administrators WPAs who share this frame and who are faced with the challenge of communicating about writing assessment with audiences within and beyond their institutions.

Though writing teachers and other interested parties might find the book illuminating, it is not a primer of writing assessment per se; in fact, it assumes readers already share a general disciplinary frame. From there, Huot moves into "Assessing, Grading, Testing, and Teaching Writing," in which he reveals the assumptions behind his approach to writing assessment.

(Re)articulating writing assessment for teaching and learning

The picture is now complete.Get this from a library! (Re)articulating writing assessment for teaching and learning. [Brian A Huot] -- "This book attempts to build a new assessment, demystifying traditional notions of assessments as a privatized technical apparatus and focusing on the role of writing teachers and administrators and.

Utah State University [email protected] All USU Press Publications USU Press (Re)Articulating Writing Assessment for Teaching and Learning. APA Citation. Huot, Brian A. () (Re)articulating writing assessment for teaching and learning MLA Citation.

These citations may not conform precisely to your selected citation style. Please use this display as a guideline and modify as needed. Brain Huot (a) contends writing assessment is a social action that is also "a positive, important aspect of designing, administrating and theorizing writing.

(Re)Articulating Writing Assessment 3 and even what I mean by the term “assessment”—what it is I hope to explain about assessment’s. Be the first to ask a question about Rearticulating Writing Assessment for Teaching and Learning Lists with This Book.

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