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The marketing strategy should fit well with the operational strategy so that the right brand positioning can be achieved. The focus of brand positioning was on the experience aspect. By the turn of the decade of 90s India had started its economic Operations management assignment essay process.

Marketing is very important for the success of heritage resorts and hotels William Warren, Jill Gocher, Most of these resorts are family-managed and are doing fairly well for themselves.

Globalization entered the country and with it the inflow of business and leisure tourists increased. The tourism landscape of Rajasthan underwent another change. These heritage hotels and resorts are today the biggest tourist attraction of Rajasthan.

The second important lesson is on management of these properties.

These companies charge a percentage of revenues as their management fee besides charging a percent of net profit as management commission. So it was their idea to approach the Taj Group and ask it to take over the management of their hotels Crites, Mitchell Shelby; Nanji, Ameeta, And last but not the least, heritage resorts have the potential to emerge as tourist attractions and destinations in themselves.

The production team of James Bond movie Octopussy especially flew to Udaipur to shoot some of the scenes of the movie at Lake Palace resort Udaipur. Heritage properties should be managed in such a way so that the heritage elements are retained as closely as possible. Rajasthan was once among the poorest and least developed states of India.

Firstly it shows the commercial and hospitality potential of turning heritage properties in hotels. There are thousands and thousands of such heritage properties spread in AustraliaEurope and rest of the world. They focused on retaining the traditional elements of Rajputana Royal way of living and cuisine.

Other princes and rajahs of Rajasthan emulated the example set by Rambagh palace and Lake Palace. They turned their palaces into hotels and resorts and gave them for management to professionally run hotel chains Crump, Vivien; Toh, IreneBy the decade of 80s the heritage hotels and resorts had firmly put Rajasthan on the global tourist map.

Many of them can be restored and transformed into heritage resorts and hotels.

Rajasthan contains the Thar Desert which is the eighteenth largest subtropical desert in the world. They charge much lower rates that the large, professionally managed properties.

The princes and rajahs have a number of palaces, fortresses and havelis. How heritage resorts and hotels changed the face of tourism in Indian state of Rajasthan?? The model followed in heritage hotels and resorts of Rajasthan varies across properties. Heritage tourism driven in the region by the popularity of these resorts and hotels provides direct and indirect employment to a significant portion of the population of the state.

In the decade f 70s and 80s many of them turned their ancestral palaces and fortresses into heritage hotels and resorts. Tourists from countries like France and United States now came to Rajasthan especially for getting the experience of staying in a heritage resort that was once the royal palace of a rajah or prince.

This silent revolution in the heritage hotel and resorts industry of Rajasthan started in the early 70s. Now many princelings taking a cue from the larger princes or rajahs started turning their heritage properties into hotels and resorts.

In some cases the owners themselves created hotel management companies which both own and manage the hotels. They are driving the tourism boom that the state is seeing.

These heritage hotels were smaller in size, usually having only 20 to 25 rooms. Domestic as well as international tourists are thronging to the state in unprecedented numbers. Tourists who were interested in history and architecture found these hotels and resorts especially attractive.

Operations Management Assignment help writing essay on: But over the past three decades the economy of the state has grown on the back of its emergence as the most popular tourist destination of India Somani, Ram Vallabh, In many cases they are more successful than their larger counterparts in giving their guests a taste of Rajput culture, cuisine and way of living Michell, George, Martinelli, Antonio, The heritage resorts and hotels have emerged as the biggest tourist destination of Rajasthan.

Receive assured help from our talented and expert writers! Rajasthan is the largest state of India.May 17,  · Operations Management assignment Supply Chain Management Supply chain management is the coordination of the processes and functions within a business, adopted by most companies in the UK in the late ’s.

Operations Management Essay. Sunderland Business School Level: M Module: Operations Management Module Code: PGBM03 Module Leader: Tom Cuthbertson Issue Date: 26th July Return Date: 16th August Contribution to Module Assessment % This is an individual assignment.

As stated in “Operations management: Along the supply chain”, Two thirds of today’s businesses operate globally through global markets, global operations, global financing, and global supply chains”. Essay Questions: There is no set length for answers; students may be as verbose or brief as they feel necessary to cover the question.

Use this same exam document. Operations managers are also responsible for critical activities such as materials management, capacity planning, purchasing, scheduling and quality. The importance of operations management has increased dramatically in recent years.

Operations Management Assignment. Background Operations Management (OM) is an important aspect of business (Slack et al, ; Greasely, ; Patton et al, ).

Operations management assignment essay
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