Malaysian roads are very dangerous

They often ignore the traffic light. In the s, it was used for motorcyclists so they could avoid accidents with larger vehicles. InJuly 24 more than people were killed when a bus veered off Yungas road into a canyon.

Can you imagine the traffic congestion with this number of vehicles on the road. In the Present the road is 1. Furthermore, lack of toleration among the road users lead to the road accident. But only if lanes were free from potholes and obstacles and if motorcyclists adhered to speed limits through strict enforcement.

I have always enjoyed driving and have driven in numerous countries around the world. Road condition Based on research finding and record of accident cases, the number of road accident keeps increasing yearly. Furthermore, most of the drivers are selfish, ego, careless and are unable to control themselves in any unpredictable circumstances.

More than 20 people have died in accidents on this stretch in The road lamps are placed at specific places only.

The Guoliang Tunnel has 30 widows to view the scenes of outside from the vehicles which are pretty nice. I am sure, you can imagine the scenario on Malaysian roads with such number of vehicles which are moving on the road everyday? Clearly, if they base this view solely on the research data, they have valid reason for concern.

Do you believe that over than a million of Malaysians are the road users in a day? Leh Manali Highway, India The Leh-Manali Highway is one of the highest and hilly roads in India as well in World where large number of vehicles runs day by day between the Indian cities of Leh and Manali which has connected both cities.

Driving around Malaysia can be great fun, and there is plenty of beautiful scenery to enjoy. So if you travelling to visit to Russia then never travel or visit through Federal highways which have been selected as most dangerous road in the world.

According to the statistic endorsed by Police Department, the main factor of road accident is careless of the driver. There are several Photo stop on the way up to tattoo, including most impressive view of Karakorum highway and river Indus from the one of the Sharp Turn of the road.

Federal Route 1 Sarawak: Ina bus spun out of control on the road leading to Cameron Highlands from Simpang Pulai. What can we do to prevent the road accident? Therefore, The Police Department and Transportation Department should stricter and seriously implement the law to prevent the road accident.

In contrast, the total of cases of road accidents was reported on the 15th day of Chinese New Year in You also need to keep an eye out for the occasional bus driver who drives erratically.

This is to make sure that they have not forgotten their driving skills. Between Lachlung La and Taglang la the road crosses the more plains. However, it is still know as death road in the world. The Works Ministry had offered to work with the Road Transport Department to conduct an audit on the notorious road.

Thus, they are unable to give full attention and concentration on the road. However, one newspaper report quoted a government official predicting the number of deaths would continue to grow, which is a problem.

In fact, 3, of private and public vehicles were moving on the roads in a day in Built inthe highway stretches 45 km from Port Klang to Kuala Lumpur, making this motorcycle lane one of the longest ones in the country.

So, if you have been reluctant to take advantage of the road system to discover more about Malaysia, I urge you to give it a try.

You must take a deep breath and trust your life to your driver when you have to pass the road of Old Yungas.Nov 17,  · Malaysian roads are very dangerous. Discuss. Introduction Nowadays, road is one of the popular mode of transportation in Malaysia. Do you believe that over than a million of Malaysians are the road users in a day?

Most dangerous Malaysian roads and highways.

Road Fatalities and Dangerous Driving in Malaysia

Susan Tam. Authorities have classified close to 40 blackspots on the Sarawak portion of the highway, the most dangerous being Jalan Bintulu to Tanjung Kidurong.

More than 20 people have died in accidents on this stretch in Upgrading and road improvement of this 2,km.

Malaysian Roads Are 17th Most Dangerous In The World According To Study

A report by the University of Michigan's Transportation Research Initiative listed Malaysia as 17th most dangerous for drivers. Malaysian Roads Are 17th Most Dangerous In The World According To Study Toggle navigation. Feb 01,  · Ten very real reasons why I hate Malaysia; ← The President talks about his teenage daughters, Super Bowl and the Pope.

Malaysian jokes → Most dangerous Malaysian roads and highways.

Malaysia Federal Route 136

Posted on February 1, by mocsarawak. it is known to be just as dangerous. Mar 06,  · Top 5 Deadliest And Dangerous Roads in India Emergency lane purpose for Malaysian reckless car drivers - Duration: VERY Dangerous Volvo Bus Driving on Himalayan Roads - Duration.

A recent study by Michigan University rated Malaysia as having some of the world’s most dangerous roads. Road Fatalities and Dangerous Driving in Malaysia.

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The UK is perhaps the best example of a country which has been very successful at reducing the .

Malaysian roads are very dangerous
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