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Do not include the raw data here. A report generally consists of a number of pages with section headings and sub -headings. For ease of reading and marking it is suggested you also provide a Table of Contents to the individual sections of the report.

Footer Navigation Identify and describe all of the navigation available in the footer, and how it will function. Lab 5 contains an exercise to get your started with your content inventory. Page numbers are required on every page except the cover page.

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Enterprise Resource Planning We bring a unique, interactive approach and agile methodologies to ERP implementation and ERP customization that involves the client in each stage of development.

Content Inventory A simple list of all the content and their types needed for each web page in your website. Appreciate ethical behaviour in relation to multimedia and web page design, in particular issues related to copyright.

Functional Requirements You should describe any particular functions that your website will require. Our unique approach to balance the technical and soft skills helps our clients realize faster ROI. Lecture 3 first describes wireframes, while Lab 6 contains directions on how to create these using the Pencil software and what each wireframe should include for high marks.

We only discuss responsive design in detail in week References to the materials from which you will develop the website must be present, such as the text, images and media you will use on your website. This may depend on what you choose as your final two pages.

For more information, Colour in Design was discussed in Lecture 5. Contact iTech Let us answer any questions and explain how we can help you find tech talent faster and how our process uniquely identifies candidates who can hit the ground running… Few of Our Customers Find IT Staff iTech is an end-to-end IT solutions company, providing talent solutions for every IT staffing need.

The raw data collection is done during phase 4 of the Design Phase and is called Information Gathering — this is described in Lecture 2 and 3 5. After each wireframe, give a small description of the content design and layout, especially where the content may require additional explanation that the wireframes does not provide.

Provide a justification for choosing these fonts and sizes. For more information, Visual Design and Composition was discussed in Lecture 4.iTech is the Cedar Valley’s premier Apple Reseller and Premium Service Provider.

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ITECH Webpage & Multimedia Design CRICOS Provider No. D ITECH Assignment 1-Analysis Page 1 of 3 Assignment 1: Analysis Document (Early Intervention Task) 10 type A marks - Due week 4 – Friday 5pm Objectives This assessment task examines the following Learning Outcomes and.

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1. Introduction In this report, I will prepare a website planning brief about a hypothetical sports institute, called K&B Institute of Sport. This report will form the basis of the development of the K&B Institute of Sport website for the later working. ITECH Design Document Assignment Help provided by MyAssignmentHelp.

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