Influence of high financial status of

Research Methodology In this study a linear model of graduate student performance was designed. Although biological research is necessary and valid, studies that do not address the importance of social determinants as fundamental causes or contributors to disease and unfulfilled potential limit the scope and impact of research conclusions.

It is generally assumed that the students who showed better or higher performance in the starting classes of their studies also performed better in future academic years at degree level.

There is the belief that a better health care "system" results in better health. This refers to two different types of power, which are possession of power and exercising power. It is concluded that the type of schools in which students studies greatly influence the educational performance and academic achievement of the students.

If someone has control of property, that person has power over others and can use the property to his or her own benefit.

This study let the research scholars to hypothesize that the background to the students positively correlates with the academic attainment of graduate students. The data were collected from students through separate structured questionnaire from different departments of Islamia University of Bahawalpur, Rahim Yar Khan Campus using the simple random sampling technique.

People in status groups are only supposed to engage with people of like status, and in particular, marriage inside or outside the group is discouraged.

Status group Max Weber developed the idea of "status group" which is a translation of the German Stand pl. He claimed that social stratification is a result of the interaction of wealth classprestige status or in German Stand and power party.

Students from elite schools are expected to perform good because they attend these elite schools and the main reason behind is that these schools are usually very rich in resources and facilities.

In fact, the production of art and the ability to play an instrument "presuppose not only dispositions associated with long establishment in the world of art and culture but also economic means…and spare time". It is obvious and true that the criteria for categorizing socio-economic standard in different countries are different depending of their norms and values.

The researcher use close ended questionnaires because the population is literate and large and time for collecting data is limited. Only then can effective preventive intervention strategies be developed and implemented during childhood to improve the health of our children and the adults into which they will grow.

For example, the social and psychological pressures experienced by an African-American woman might be very different from those experienced by a white woman, with these pressures having differential impact on the long-term trajectory of disease.

Graphs are constructed using Microsoft Excel graphical functions.

Social status

Social mobility is change of position within the stratification system. SHARE The scientific literature contains many examples of socioeconomic factors such as income, education and ethnicity directly contributing to the development of disease.

The criteria for low socio-economic status for developed country will be different from the criteria of developing nations and same will be in the case of developing and under developing countries. Certainly research results will vary dramatically if we evaluate relaxed spa patrons versus exhausted night-shift workers.

For example, a teacher may have a positive societal image respect, prestige which increases their status but may earn little moneywhich simultaneously decreases their status. Licencing Abstract The present research study was design to investigate the factors affecting academic performance of graduate students of Islamia University of Bahawalpur Rahim Yar Khan Campus.

They also cited Pearson and Johnson who observed that on the whole grade association of only 0. Ties between persons with the same personal income Gender: America most commonly uses this form of status with jobs.

This refers to unequal access to resources. Recently, the journal Ethnicity and Disease Winter found that increased obesity was linked to income below poverty level, receipt of food stamps, and lower income in general.

The researchers concluded, "Ignoring [socioeconomic status SES ] in coronary heart disease risk assessment under-estimates the risk in lower SES persons, and may, in turn, through relative undertreatment, contribute to widening SES disparities in coronary heart disease.

There is a growing body of research that suggests, however, that these variables have strong social dimensions that influence health.

The person with the resource thus has bargaining power over the other. In nonhuman animals[ edit ] Social status hierarchies have been documented in a wide range of animals: Ties between persons of the same sex and sexuality Political status: Status groups can include professions, club-like organizations, ethnicity, race, and other groups for which pattern association.

Social mobility allows a person to move to another social status other than the one he or she was born in. The degree to which social origin affects these preferences surpasses both educational and economic capital. A May study featured in the journal Sleep Medicine found that people with the least amount of education had the most sleep complaints.

Such ties between people are often fluid and amorphous. However, given the health correlates of the differences in the social roles and behaviors of men and women, any differences found are not inevitable expressions of the biological factor.

A multitude of consumer interests based on differing social positions necessitates that each fraction "has its own artists and philosophers, newspapers and critics, just as it has its hairdresser, interior decorator or tailor.

Status groups are communities that are based on ideas of lifestyles and the honor the status group both asserts, and is given by others.

Some of the more common bases for such ranking include: Although this sounds good on the surface, it actually poses a problem because millions of Americans are in credit card debt due to conspicuous consumption and purchasing goods that they do not have the money to pay for.Data on research participants and populations frequently include race, ethnicity, and gender as categorical variables, with the assumption that these variables exert their effects through innate or genetically determined biologic mechanisms.

There is a growing body of research that suggests, however, that these variables have strong social dimensions that influence health. ABSTRACT This study examines the influence of age, financial status and gender on Academic Performance among undergraduates.

To guide this study, one question was asked and three hypotheses were formulated and tested level of. Social status is the relative respect, competence, and deference accorded to people, influence, and freedom.

Status hierarchies depend primarily on the possession and use of status symbols. success being financial, academic, political and so on.

America most commonly uses this form of status with jobs. parental socio-economic status could influence academic performance of their children at school.

In a previous To find out the effect of parental financial status on students’ academic performance. Though the mean secure of students of high parental socio-economic status.

The mean difference of. Influence of Financial Value on Purchase of Luxury Brands With income, education, religion and marital status. Research Methodology: Data was collected from respondents in Mumbai. These people belonged to people of both genders, different occupations, income groups, religions, age groups, education and marital and situational.

in Edu Lga of Kwara State Nigeria Femi Ogunshola, PhD.

experiences, mobility rates, and financial assets can certainly influence academic achievements” (Laosa, ) Research Hypothesis 1. Parental socio – economic status does not have significant effect on the academic secure of students of high parental socio-economic status.

Influence of high financial status of
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