How language empowers and disempower people

Raymond in his essay, the person feels and believes he is dumb. Another aspect is that the lack of education leads to low-wage job. Only the knowledge of all shades and nuances of language allows directing people, regulating duties and resolving the conflicts with the best results.

Mia Bethell How can language empower or disempower people? The above shows that the difference in English in Australia caused serious complication for the Aborigines and disempowered them, yet the same English could be used to disempower people as well.

Society not always stays loyal to those people who are expressing thoughts with great efforts. It is apparent that history has affected language and this is the cause of whether or not it empowers or disempowers people and their social status. There is especially bias when Aboriginal speakers are forced to switch back and forth between their own language and SAE when they are talking to white Australians mainly in serious situations such as in court.

The main part of information circulating in society exists in the language form. The Communication in Australia text explains how even within the same country there are two different ways of communicating between the Aborigines and Standard Australian English.

All people on our planet are able to speak.


Another example is that in Aboriginals in Australia would not directly ask someone for something as they conceive that as impolite. In the above text, it explains how there are two large types of English spoken in Australia: First, as clearly shows D.

How Can Language Empower or Disempower People?

It is evident that the way they speak is different though tone and different words they use. The above stated conflict is an example of cultural biased and ethnocentrisms, and shows that SAE is considered more superior than AbE and that the speakers of SAE is considered higher in a social hierarchy.

Another is the use of very selective language showing a more primitive side to American. There are many ways that language can affect culture and people. In conclusion, cultural bias and background can effect the way people are empowered or disempowered and it can influence their social status.

In both cases, the American anthropologist and white Standard Australian English speakers have more authority. Due to the way the American anthropologist was brought up, his western culture comes across as correct and this in fact expresses how language empowers people.

How can language empower or disempower people?

This is because SAE is considered to be more appropriate suitable for those types of situations. The differences between the two English are severe and that misunderstanding in simple daily conversation between SAE and AbE was uncommon.Language could be used to disempower by making someone feel bad about themself and by dispiriting their self-confidence.

Language can also empower someone by stimulating another's spirit with words that reassure and encourage. Empower people and extend your influence When you empower people, you give your influence to them for the purpose of personal and organizational growth.

Successful leaders empower others by delegating power and sharing their influence, position, and power with others. Language that Empowers Steve shares a key exerpt out of his upcoming revelation-packed book, The Culture of is.

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How Language Empowers People

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How Can Language Empower or Disempower People? There are many ways that language can affect culture and people. Due to the different cultures using different languages and the mixing of languages, the empowerment and disempowerment of people through languages has become more and more apparent.

How language empowers and disempower people
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