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According to Nasrallah, the triangle of evil is Trump, Netanyahu and Mohammed bin Salman, the Saudi crown prince — corrupt and greedy people who want to run the Middle East and eliminate the Palestinian issue. Yes, Syrian rebel groups have committed their own fair share of murderskidnappingsand torture.

He added that Israel also abandons its friends when they no longer serve its purposes, as Israel abandoned the South Lebanon Army when it left Lebanon in Shiite terrorism is replacing Sunni terrorism.

We depend on the support of readers like you to help keep our nonprofit newsroom strong and independent. According to Nasrallah, the situation in Israel is the opposite: The truth is that Bashar al-Assad is not an anti-imperialist of any kind, nor is he a secular bulwark against jihadism; he is a mass murderer, plain and simple.

After the match, Yano attacked him and cut his hair.

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Who is Nasrallah threatening this time other than Israel? So, why defend him? However, on April 8, he announced his release from the company due to inadvertently violating terms of his contract by interviewing members of the roster for his podcast.

Have you forgotten the old adage about walking and chewing gum at the same time? They are defined as terrorists by the international community.

Hafez al-Assad

You can condemn rebel atrocities and western meddling in Syria without heaping praise on, or making excuses for, the loathsome Assad. But according to Nasrallah, anyone who relied on American aid ultimately lost, as happened to the Shah in Iran, who was abandoned by the US. According to Nasrallah, any Lebanese person who opposed their interference seven years ago now understands its importance for the rescue of Lebanon.

The balance of deterrence that has been established since is the opposite of what Nasrallah described: General Manager Theodore Long about the contract his unseen agent was supposedly aggressively negotiating.

Whether Assad used chemical weapons in Douma is irrelevant to the moral case against him. Maher Arar made it all up? As far as they are concerned, Hezbollah is not a cancer spreading throughout the body of Lebanon, but rather it is the one that saved Lebanon from the Jihad organizations.

Bashar al-Assad

That none of the torture was real? An October survey of Syrian refugees living in Germany found that seven in 10 of them blamed Assad for the violence in their country, compared to one in three who blamed the Islamic State. In fact, the Syrian dictator long ago booked his place in the blood-stained pantheon of modern mass murderers, alongside the likes of Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Henry Kissinger, and George W.

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AP In the past year, the Americans have also abandoned the rebels in southern Syria and the region was recaptured by the Syrian regime. What about the rest of his crimes?

Is it the only way you know how to oppose rapacious U. Let me be clear, before you revert to the usual evasions and whataboutery, or try and smear me as a dupe of the CIA or an agent of the Zionists or the Qataris: Israeli exit from south Lebanon, Photo: He explained that unlike previous generations in Hezbollah, the quality of the fighters stems from their high school and academic education as well.

In his speech he raised the following questions: That is also the reason Nasrallah removed any mention of Iran from his speech.Apr 17,  · Watch video · Assad had a short-lived stint as a 'totally regular' eye doctor Assad studied to become an ophthalmologist at the University of Damascus, where he graduated in before working as an army doctor.

Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah spoke Sunday in honor of the "Second Liberation Day on the Lebanese-Syrian border," in which the that is, Hezbollah, Assad and Iran, are automatically on the.

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Join Facebook to connect with Hassan Assad and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to. Jul 25,  · In this Wednesday, July 18,photo, a poster of President Bashar Assad with Arabic that read, "Leader of the victory," hangs on a street at Omayyid Square, Syria.

Hassan assad
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