Final intro project

Do Are you interested in really making a difference in the world? You will still be making a presentation of sorts — you will be discussing your paper with the small group of people in your roundtable details to be discussed in class.

Intro to CJS: Final Project

Maybe you are not a CS major and have an idea of how programming is used in your own major. Maybe there is something you think would be really cool to write a program to do. In general, this does NOT mean blogs—this means scholarly, peer-reviewed articles.

The good news is that you will be able to get feedback from your classmates, and make tweaks before the due date! Thoroughly and accurately cite yes, even in presentations, videoset al. Browse the Python Wiki for other modules or things you can do with Python, and choose one to try out.

You will be graded according to this standard at the project midpoint. Below you will find some ideas to get you thinking. Project ideas The best idea is something that you are interested in doing! In terms of "how long will the program be", it might be lines of code or more.

This format takes some creativity, and some research, but may be more engaging for those who are more interested in doing, instead of always just analyzing. You must use the ASA citation style. Assume an audience that has NOT taken this course.

This is more of a research paper than the other options, though you will have to present solid arguments, and back them up, using evidence from the concepts we have learned, and Final intro project that you have read. Utilize at least TWO of the assigned readings from the course each chapter counts as 1 reading.

Submit a 3 to 5 page letter, double spaced, with 1-inch margins and a point font comparable to Times New Roman in size. I will take that into consideration. If working in pairs, you will grade each other and yourself as well.

For your Final Project, you will to develop a presentation, or write a letter to someone, on your topic, and choose an audience that needs to hear that message.

Explain as if you are presenting to the HSU student body at large; explain any jargon they would not understand, and assume they are at least at an undergraduate college level in their educational background. Click here for some links to help get you thinking about these topics! No matter the category, or format, you will need to address at least ONE social norm and ONE policy that should change to eliminate mass incarceration in the United States.

For the first option, you will report all about the the goal of preventing future mass killings, like the ones you hear about, happening in shopping malls and schools. Present such as with Powerpoint in a minute presentation, acting as if the class is your stakeholder s. What can they do to make a difference?

What do you wish you could tell them? If it is not, I will ask you to submit a modified proposal within one week. Remember you will need to back up your assertions with solid evidence, based on what we have learned this semester. Do, Say or Write. You can write a program on whatever interests you.

How can the U. For all of the formats, you are expected to: If working with a partner, you will be graded accordingly, with the expectation that the project is more substantial than a single person project.

For the third option, you will report on the current state of mass incarceration in the U. Project rules and grading You can work with a partner or alone so a group of 2 or 1.The Final Project for this class will be an INDIVIDUAL project, and must fall into one of the following categories: Do, Say or Write.

You must choose a category (do, say or write) as well as a format (paper, presentation or creative option). Here is the best resource for homework help with MKT INTRO TO MARKETING at Southern New Hampshire University.

Find MKT study guides, notes, and. Find Study Resources. Main Menu; by School; by Subject; MKT Final Project Part I Final 4 pages. Marketing Milestone Southern New Hampshire University INTRO TO.

Here is the best resource for homework help with INT Introduction to International Business at Southern New Hampshire University. Find INT study. Find Study Resources.


Main Menu; Final Project - Checkpoint Submission Intro to International business (34 Documents) INT - INTERNATIONAL. Here are some final project ideas to give you a sense of what we are looking for in these projects. Please do not feel constrained by the list provided below.

You are free (in fact, encouraged) to come up with your own ideas! This is one of over 2, courses on OCW. Find materials for this course. project from its inputs, through its nucleus, to delivery of its outputs. In order to accomplish these multifaceted responsibilities, the roles of the project manager include that of a leader, administrator, entrepreneur, facilitator, arbitrator and mediator, liaison, and coordinator.

Final Project—Intro to Theatre. In this class, you have learned about different aspects of theatre and producing a play. It is now time to take what you have learned and put it into practice.

Final intro project
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