Ethical delimma at northlake

Jim was talking about working you into a new role: However, we need to have everybody working on the same goal. Other Management Accounting cases: In this case, we have to make those dunderheads in the government see what all this regulation is doing to us.

When we report to our shareholders, we give them numbers that are substantially Ethical delimma at northlake from the internal documents, right?

While Tina and Frank were at equal levels in the organizational structure, their working relationship had not been particularly cordial. Then, where will we be? Jim stood by his desk trembling with rage.

His face was bright red and mottled with anger. For our internal purposes, we have been using an estimated increase of 10 per cent in demand.

Tina tells me that you are threatening to go public with your stupid statements about the report.

Now take the rest of the day off, go home to Cheryl and the kids, and take out that new speed boat of yours. Letourneau, I think we, the company, have some major problems here. As the mill goes, so goes the town. Tina, a long-term employee of the firm, had risen through the accounting department to become the manager of financial analysis.

This legislation may not bankrupt us, but it will certainly put a squeeze on profits. You both know that these numbers have no foundation in fact. If this blows up, you could go to jail, and I could get my designation revoked. One section of the report detailed the financial consequences of the emission controls as determined by each of the five pulp and paper companies operating in the region.

The Ethical Dilemma at Northlake

He thought that the pale green report laying on the desk looked innocent enough but it certainly had provided the basis for some serious turmoil. The section of the report dealing with the dollar impact to Amalgamated Forest Products of installing the emission control equipment had been prepared by Tina Pacquette.

The financial support provided by the firm had been adequate but not lavish by any means, and Frank had done well in his studies.

The other cost estimates are all high, and the prediction of our product demand is based upon a further deepening of the recession. With three young children and a proud wife, Frank had been appointed to a new position in corporate reporting.

Within two years, Jim McIntosh had arranged for him to go to university, complete his CMA designation after graduation, and then return to Amalgamated.

After a year of having Jim as his mentor, he rose to the position of manager of corporate reporting.Ethical Dilemma. The identification of the ethical dilemmas facing toward Tesco The first dilemma that faced by Tesco is the items delivery arriving late.

Free Essay: Ethical Dilemma at Northlake Synopsis Frank is the manager of corporate reporting at Amalgamated Forests Products. He had objected to the report.

Free Essay: “Ethical Dilemma at Northlake” Week 3 – Case Study # 1 Synopsis: The case begins with Jim McIntoch the vice president of finance of Amalgamated. Centre for Accounting Ethics» Resources» Ethics teaching cases» The Ethical Dilemma at Northlake Tina tells me that you are threatening to go public with your stupid statements about the report.

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Ethical delimma at northlake
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