Employer branding research papers 2012

This research paves way Employer branding research papers 2012 further research to be carried out within service organisations where employees play a vital role in being the brand ambassadors of their employer brands.

Practical implications — At the practical level, this study has several managerial implications, as the findings provide a good understanding of the concept of RPO and how it impacts the employer brands of the organisation.

The research clearly highlights the importance of and the vital role played by the outsourced employees and how they need to be nurtured through a strong corporate culture and make them great brand ambassadors.

An exploratory study on the impact of recruitment process outsourcing on employer branding of an organisation Purpose — This paper aims to focus on " Recruitment Process Outsourcing " RPO as a key element of improvement in corporate brand of organisation through using the talent and capabilities of employees.

The outcome of the research gives a conceptual model which represents the impact of an outsourced employee on the employer branding process of the organisation.

By addressing the different factors explored in the conceptual model of this research, an outsourced employee can feel equally motivated and belonging to the organisation they serve in, just as any other permanent member of staff who acts like an ideal brand ambassador for the employer branding of the organisation.

Social implications — The social implications of this research relate to the wellbeing and motivated staff members of an organisation, even though they do not work directly under the brand of the company they serve in. This research explores the linkages and interconnection between the concepts of RPO and its contribution towards the employer branding process.

This conceptual model highlights the many different factors that need to be addressed by a HR manager to keep consistency in employee branding of the organisation. The review of the literature on RPO and employer branding identifies an emergence of conceptual framework based around outsourcing effectiveness and its impact on employer branding.

The findings propose a conceptual framework which is representative for the organisations engaged in RPO. This was conducted by using the semi-structured interviews with the HR and marketing managers using the qualitative method.

The research gives confidence to the HR managers and directors on the importance of outsourced staff members and the need to address the issues concerning the employee branding of an outsourced member of staff.

Employer branding

This research explores the linkages As mentioned in the research findings, the complications of the RPO process usually has drastic and serious impacts on employee attitudes and feelings when it comes to issues like The current issue and full text archive of this journal is available on Emerald Insight at:Our annual Randstad Employer Brand Research dives into worker's drivers and motivators in 30 countries.

go to employer brand research. world's most attractive employers. Based on our research, we recognize the top employer brands and present them with the Randstad Award trophy. The Randstad Award trophy is solely based on. Browse Employer Branding and Talent Acquisition content selected by the Recruiting Brief community.

Developing a Strong Employer Brand with Research. Undercover Recruiter.


NOVEMBER 26, (webinars, eBooks, white papers) to the email address you have provided. FROM EMPLOYER ATTRACTIVENESS TO EMPLOYER BRANDING: RESULTS OF A MIXED METHODS RESEARCH makes the company attractive and desirable as an employer (employer branding). A research using mixed-method designs was conducted: literature study, quantitative study and Farndale, Morris, Paauwe, Stiles, & Wright, IMPACT OF EMPLOYER BRAND ON SELECTION AND RECRUITMENT PROCESS employer branding in recruitment process.

The research question is raised whether there is some association between the facilitated recruitment different position among others (Barney, ; Wayne and Casper, ). Among other things plant, tools and. Abstract: Employer branding builds an image of the organization confirming the organization as a good place to work.

Indian Education Society's Management College and Research Centre Employer Branding Samavitha and Jawahr () Job satisfaction scale. Kandidatuppsats HT Johanna Jonze & Hedvig Öster Handledare: Katarina Hamberg Lagerström Employer Branding can be utilized both externally to attract potential employees, Employer Branding, Employer brand, Human Resources, Human Resource Management, Recruiting, Retaining.


Employer branding research papers 2012
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