Decreasing car accidents problem solution essay

This is a very common article found in Malaysian newspapers. This has got to stop. Have you ever been harassed on the road by other drivers?

We can put warning signs of cameras to help the people stay alarmed. Speeding is exhilarating and gets you where you want to go in less than the intended time. Other technologies such as lane-departure warning, blind-spot monitoring, and rear cross-traffic alert aid the driver by watching around the car for potential trouble and signaling danger.

This causes impaired judgment that leads to fatalities to themselves and other innocent civilians. The latest cars can benefit from advanced safety features, such as front-collision mitigation, that can actively help avoid an accident, or at least reduce its severity.

Sleep deprivation impairs coordination, causes the driver to take a longer time to react, and impairs judgment. The problem would not be solved until the drivers take actions and people take the warnings seriously.

Exceeding a posted speed limit means you have elected to drive faster than was intended for that road, putting others at risk, all while consuming more fuel.

As people live longer and the populations of developed countries grow older, several related problems can be anticipated. We should place the police officers more often on the roads at night, so people would not drive after drinking. They think that bribing the police officer would do the magic trick.

Moreover, the casualties and fatalities have not been decreasing either. Speeding should be taken seriously. The main issue is that there will obviously be more people of retirement age who will be eligible to receive a pension.

They are on the phone, sending text messages, fixing their make-ups, and most of the drivers are distracted because of rubbernecking. Keeping them safe and the ride enjoyable should be paramount for all drivers. For example, people who cross the mid lines, people who pass the red lights, people who litter out the window, and etc.

Allstate insurance has put a different perspective on the numbers, finding that drivers average about one accident per decade. An excited child can dart out from between cars and in front of you in an instant. There are many different reasons why car accidents happen. Nearly one-third of car accidents are caused by speeding.

There are more than six million car accidents each year in the United States. Better yet, rear cross-traffic alert can sense if there is a car approach down the aisle as you begin to back out of a parking space.

The fatigue of driving for many hours causes many accidents too. Buzzed driving The sobering reality of drunk driving is that it is obviously a dangerous behavior, yet too often drivers get behind the wheel with alcohol in their bloodstream, impairing judgment and slowing reaction time.Alcohol-related traffic fatalities have been decreasing lately.

As a proportion of all traffic fatalities it has been decreased since The Problem of Drunk Driving Essay In raising the drinking age it would only mean that older people will be the ones that are drunk and getting into accidents. The solution to.

Dec 03,  · Problem Solution Essay-Traffic Accidents. Posted on December 3, Malaysian car accidents have been increasing dramatically from less than two hundred and fifty thousand to an average of thirty nine hundred thousand a year.

Moreover, the casualties and fatalities have not been decreasing either. There is no simple solution to. Problem-Solution Essay Topics and Ideas The key idea of writing a problem/solution essay is choosing a sophisticated topic for your future discussion.

You can select something as simple as discussing the ways of eliminating tobacco usage or go for the topic of poverty elimination. What can be done to reduce road accidents in Uganda by at least 90%?

The strategies bellow are the foundation features of road safety. The implemetation is pr. Introduction: Car accidents is one of most causes that happen in Omani society, we see every day in Oman more accident, PROBLEM-SOLUTION ESSAY A problem-solution essay is an essay in which you analyze a problem and propose a method for solving it.



Car accidents have become a pressing problem since the last decades of the 20th century. This essay sample answers the question of how to solve it.

Decreasing car accidents problem solution essay
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