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Mucositis Mucositis, or inflammation of the mucous membrane, can affect any part of the digestive system, including the mouth, esophagus, Chemotherapy essay, intestines, the rectum, and the anus.

Anti-emetic drugs may help. Depending on the type of medication administered, chemotherapy may also reduce fertility in men and women. The electron pair repulsion theory states that the electron pairs in the valence energy level of an atom repel each other, and therefore are arranged as far apart as possible.

Alopecia, or hair loss Chemotherapy can lead to hair loss. Effectiveness Chemotherapy can be effective Chemotherapy essay the treatment of cancer, sometimes leading to full remission in spite of its adverse effects. There about 50 different chemotherapeutic drugs that combat cancer, generally administering more than one drug at a time because the drugs are more powerful when combined.

What you need to know about chemotherapy

If a cancer is in the advanced stages, chemotherapy may slow disease progression and reduce symptoms, even when a cure is unlikely. Effectiveness depends on individual factors. Chemotherapy can be used as a CURE for a disease or as a treatment that is palliative, or a Treatment that is for helping the patient to be as comfortable as possible for as long as possible because a cure is not an option.

I wanted to work outdoors if possible. It may be present most of the time or only after certain activities.

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Patients should get plenty of rest and avoid tasks that are overtiring. Outlook During and after chemotherapy, the patient will undergo blood tests and other examinations to assess the progress of the treatment. Patients who need the medication to reach their scalp, however, cannot use a cold cap.

Your immune system could weaken immensely, which would cause you to be very susceptible to infection and other diseases Internal bleeding Diarrhea Nausea Vomiting Mouth sores Hair loss Insufficient oxygen Chemotherapy essay the blood anemia Sometimes tumors develop a resistance to certain drugs after exposure to it just once, and when this happens there could quite possibly be no drugs effective against this tumor.

Taking smaller, more frequent meals may help to keep up a supply of nourishment. It is important to talk to the doctor to find out what your options are, and to discuss with your health insurance provider which services are covered.

Ulcers can appear on the lining of the mouth, the tongue, and around the lips. When the cells consume them, they offer no benefit, and the cells starve. Some people will have no adverse effects. How Chemo is administered Chemotherapy can be given in four different ways: The severity of symptoms is linked to the strength of the chemotherapy dose.

Symptoms disappear a few weeks after finishing treatment. These are different from the antibiotics we use for an infection. Patients who may wish to have children in the future may consider freezing sperm or embryos for later use.

This is called combination chemotherapy. A low level of red blood cells will lead to anemia. A barrier method of birth control should be used during treatment and for at least a year after.

Hair loss has no physical health consequences, but it may cause distress. Which combinations of chemotherapy drugs the patient will receive is based on what the patients doctor thinks will work best for them.Chemotherapy and Completely Different Things Essay Chemotherapy Many people are diagnosed with different types of the person is diagnosed with a disease, it takes time so it can be treated.

Chemotherapy Essay

Chemotherapy is a widespread and effective way of treating cancerous tissues in the body. Chemotherapy destroys cancer cells, but its side effects can be debilitating and hard to manage. Find out. Chemotherapy: Research Paper; Visual Analysis Essay; Chemotherapy: An Effective Treatment Option.

Chemotherapy is a treatment that the majority of society familiarizes themselves with when it comes to cancer. Chemotherapy is a long, hard process that affects a patients mind and body; it comes with many risks and side effects for the. Compare and Contrast Essay.

and targeted therapy. II. The treatment options for colon and lung cancer are similar and are determined by which stage the cancer is in. a. Surgery is often the main treatment for the earlier stages, such as, Stage 1. Chemotherapy is meant to cure, control or palliate the cancer.

You can Breast. Apr 01,  · Check out our top Free Essays on Chemotherapy to help you write your own Essay. Chemotherapy: a Great Medical Innovation of the 20th CenturyCancer is a disease with a devastating impact in terms of mortality as well as phy.

Chemotherapy essay
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