Characterization in summer of my german soldier

The town has prejudice against Germans thanks to the war.

Summer Of My German Soldier Summary

She considers Ruth and Anton to be her only close friends. Her father is overbearing, and her mother disproves of her personality.

Their ravaged faces would tell a story of defeat, disgrace, and downfall. She would be my real mother and now at last I could go home. At the Memphis Zoo they used the same kind of screening for the animals.

This section contains words approx. Later on in the novel, he teaches Patty that she is a person of value. She believes Patty has an aptitude for writing and encourages her to become a journalist. As this novel reminds us, he needed a following to gain this position. Here she hides her most precious things, including the books she buys with money given to her on the sly by her grandmother.

Isolated from other children by religion, she is also isolated from her family. During the novel and as Patty becomes friends with Anton, she begins to gain the self-esteem and confidence she is lacking.

Summer of My German Soldier: Top Ten Quotes

This is an understandable point of view when one considers her age, and the description also gives the novel an element of realism as it refuses to stereotype its depiction of the prisoners.

He is described as learned and is opposed to the Nazi regime.

What are the main characters of the story Summer of My German Soldier?

The local Sherriff comes to talk to Patty and gives her back her ring; she tells him the same story she told Sister Parker and her father. He is a controversial character as he is compared unfavorably to Anton, the German soldier.

She talks to Patty since her father owns the store where the POWs bought things. To add to the controversy, the comparison is made by Anton, the German soldier.

Patty runs into Anton, the translator from the store, and discovers that he is one who escaped.

Summer of My German Soldier: Character Profiles

She encourages Patty to consider journalism, and offers a mentoring type of friendship to the lonely girl. The hideout is her escape from her friendless world, where she spends her days reading and learning vocabulary words from the dictionary. Patty, a young Jewish girl, is isolated from her community because of her religion; she is also isolated from her family.

On the same day that several U-Boats are captured off the coast of the U. Despondent, she tells the FBI everything, except for the fact that anyone else knew of her actions. Her description of these men is unbiased by prejudice.

He gives Patty a ring that his father gave him and tells her that it is the most prized possession he has. She shows the ring to a woman who comes in the store, prompting her father to demand where she got it.

A group of them is brought into the store, and one is called to translate for the others. Because of their demonstrations of love, they act as a contrast to her self-absorbed and cruel parents. When her town is chosen to be the site of a POW camp for captured Germans, her life begins to change.

Ruth, the maid, sees him, but she is fond of Patty and decides to help. So basically you always come back to people. But someday it would happen. The final mile being theirs alone to swim.

The FBI gets involved, and a woman comes to the town to find the story. He catches himself in time to prevent being seen by all but Ruth, the maid, who has compassion for him and aids Patty in helping him. This young man is Anton. Minor characters[ edit ] Sharon Bergen: And that would be the sign between us.Summer of My German Soldier is a book by Bette Greene first published in The story is told in first person narrative by a twelve-year-old Jewish girl named Patty Bergen living in Jenkinsville, Arkansas during World War II.

The story focuses on the friendship between Patty and an escaped German POW named Anton. Patty first meets Anton when a group of German POWs visits her father's store. Summer of My German Soldier: Character Profiles, Free Study Guides and book notes including comprehensive chapter analysis, complete summary analysis, author biography information, character profiles, theme analysis, metaphor analysis, and top ten quotes on classic literature.

Summer of My German Soldier Summary & Study Guide

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Characterization in summer of my german soldier
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