Auty sustaining development in mineral economies the resource curse thesis

In the Queensland Government granted a mining lease covering 5, square kilometres to Comalco, a lease area now reduced to 2, square kilometres untilwith the right of further extension for another twenty-one years.

It became clear that while the mining industry was the target of criticism, governments were avoiding their responsibility to provide education, training and health services in the areas where mines were operating. Observations on the problematic potential of Russian oil and the complexities of Siberia.

Extractive industry, children and governance. Timber booms and institutional breakdown in Southeast Asia, Cambridge: London and New York: It covers an area of 26, square kilometres in the central Pilbara and was signed in between Hamersley Iron, a wholly owned subsidiary of Rio Tinto, and the Gumala Aboriginal Corporation, representing the native title claimants.

Yet the wealth is not evenly distributed, and this has produced economic, social and political problems that are likely to become more acute. Structural incentives for and direct investments in the oil industry by multilateral and bilateral institutions, such as the World Bank Group and export credit agencies.

Richard Auty Resource Curse Thesis

Over the past thirty years there has been a shift from reliance on the pastoral industry for employment to dependence on government through work-for-the-dole. A comparative study of Indonesia and Mexico. Latin American Research Review 22 1: This began to change with the election of a Labor government in Upstairs, looking across the tarmac from the Qantas lounge, you can see aeroplanes stretching wing tip to wing tip along the tarmac.

Sustaining Development in Mineral Economie...

Industry bodies argued that Aboriginal objection to the rapid expansion of mining was holding back economic development. Please contact us here.

Debt and poverty

American Journal of Political Science 48 2: Many in the industry treated Aboriginal objections with contempt, and state governments inhibited constructive talks between mining companies and Aboriginal groups.

The governments rely on the companies to provide the services that they fail to extend to remote area citizens. Natural Resources and Economic Growth offers a timely and multifaceted look at the often double-edged relationship between natural resource wealth and long-term economic development.

The largest escalation of mining and energy activity in Australian history is underway, led by the operations in the Pilbara feeding the astonishing Chinese industrial maw.

International energy outlook The Guardian, August Natural resources, education, and economic development. Annual Review of Political Science, 9, Addressing the natural resource curse: It was widely held that Aboriginal people were making ambit claims to which they were not entitled.

Getting our piece of the national cake: Most wear steel-capped safety boots. In Natural resources and the macroeconomy, ed. He emphasises the need for open and accountable institutions, which reduce the scope for corruption and improve the conditions for investment.

Public capital in countries with abundant natural resources: Is there a curse?

In the early days — and I am talking two years ago — rents were doubling from one tenant to the next. Norton and Company Inc.The mineral economies are an important group of developing countries which have suffered a "resource curse" over the past 20 years--showing a poorer performance than resource-deficient neighbors.

Auty, R. M.Sustaining development in mineral economies: the resource curse thesis / Richard M. Auty Routledge London ; New York Wikipedia Citation Please see Wikipedia's template documentation for further citation fields that may be required.

Combating the Resource Curse: An Alternative Solution to Managing Mineral Wealth

Richard M. Auty is the author of Sustaining Development in Mineral Economies ( avg rating, 0 ratings, 0 reviews, published ), Patterns of Developm /5(3).

Sustaining Development in Mineral Economies offers a systemic examination of the resource curse thesis and the inter-disciplinary approach synthesises neo-liberal. Auty, Richard,Sustaining Development in Mineral Economies: The Resource Curse Thesis (Oxford University Press, New York).

Auty, Richard,Resource Abundance and Economic Development, World Institute for Development Economics Research (Oxford University Press). Auty turns away from the popular doctrinaire orthodox policies in favor of more pragmatic ones which will smooth the mineral cycle andpromote competitive industrialization.

He offers a systematic examination of the resource curse thesis, using an interdisciplinary approach that synthesizes neo-liberal, political, institutionalist and.

Auty sustaining development in mineral economies the resource curse thesis
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