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The September accounts receivable are a result of the September credit sales. This assignment will not be done through My Accounting Lab.

All equipment purchases are paid for in cash in the month purchased. You should reference the assumption sheet when you need to use this information to calculate items needed for the fourth quarter. Excel Project 3 — Chap. There are no bad debts. All the budgets should be linked together so that if the sales projection changes, it will automatically change all the subsequent budgets.

Use the Excel Project 3 S17 template as a Acc chap 9 point. All calculation cells in the spreadsheet should either be a formula or a cell reference. Attach a copy of the cover sheet to a printed copy of the completed Excel spreadsheet which will be turned in during your class period. Assume all funds are borrowed at the end of the month and repaid at the end of the end of the quarter.

Do your own work! The master budget will be based on the following information: The company is completing its third year of operations and is preparing to build its master budget for the fourth quarter of the year. The schedules should be presented in the same order listed under the requirements.

The owners are Texas State alumni and they would like to maximize their profits. They understand that accurate budgeting will help obtain this goal.

You need to format your budget schedules to include underlining, dollar signs and decimal places. Assume these expenses are paid in cash each month.

Credit sales are collected in the month following the sale. An electronic copy of the Excel spreadsheet only no cover sheet will be submitted to TRACS via the Drop Box function in accordance with the due date and time stated above.

The project should reflect your individual work. All calculations should be performed on the template spreadsheet and not on the assumptions sheet within the Excel workbook.

The accounts payable at September 30 are the result of September purchases of inventory. Monthly operating expenses are as follows: Assignment is worth 25 points. You may add rows as needed to display the appropriate headings.

Estimated taxes are accrued each month and paid in cash in the last month of the quarter.

It must be completed using Excel, a spreadsheet application. ACC Managerial Accounting: Only reference your assumption sheet when referencing the data, the first time. Be consistent in your presentation.

This will serve as your data source for all your other cells in Excel template. Information for months not part of the fourth quarter should be listed on the assumption sheet. First, enter your assumptions from the instruction sheet Word Document into the Excel template Assumptions sheet.

The projected balance sheet as of September 30, is as follows: No hand-written assignments or e-mail attachments will be accepted. The Balance sheet should only be done at the end of the fourth quarter.

Presentation of the information and how easily it can be read will be considered in the grading of the project. Remember, there are penalties associated with late work.

This is NOT a group project — sharing answers or spreadsheet formats is considered academic dishonesty. If you turn it in after class has ended, you will NOT receive credit for the assignment.

Prepare a master budget for the San Marcos Emporium Company for the fourth quarter of Chap 9: Noted that the ACC Aerial Events Web Site now has the Joint Oil Analysis Program (JOAP) Directory of NDI Labs on their web site. Chap 9: Updated nomenclature for some F equipment and added some updated photos for F and warbird equipment.

Chaps 10 and All coordination for public affairs activities or public. ACCSAP 9 includes concise text written by world-renowned experts, plus all of the presentations from ACC's Cardiovascular Board Review course.

Even better questions: Challenge yourself with questions that are ALL case-based rather than simple knowledge questions. View Notes - acc chap 9 from ECON at University of Michigan, Dearborn. Litigation Support areers in Accounting areers A Career In Litigation Support What is litigation support?

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Start studying ACC Chap 9 Recievables. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. ACC Managerial Accounting: Excel Project #3 – Chap. 9 – Master Budget – Merchandising Company The San Marcos Emporium Company is a merchandising business located downtown in.

Start studying ACC: Chapter 9. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.

Acc chap 9
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