A look at the causes and effects of floods in bangladesh

After a major flood in northern Bengal ina Flood Committee was formed and a report was published in on the north Bengal floods between and Some major projects are: During the rainy season when the water flow exceeds the holding capacity of riverscanals khalsbeelshaorslow-lying areas it inundates the whole area causing damage to crops, homesteads, roads and other properties.

Several floods may occur in the flashy rivers in any water year. But occasionally they become devastating.

There needs to be serious considerations to mitigate the effects of climate change and invest in capacity building of each system component to secure the future of this country. The flood lasted for more than two months.

Some severe monsoon floods of this region starting from the late 18th century are described here chronologically: When banks are overtopped, water spreads over the floodplain and generally causes problems for inhabitants, crops and vegetation.

The effects of these high river water levels extend over most of the country and are the main determinant of the drainage condition and capacity.

Floods in Bangladesh

The extensive damage had to be paid for with foreign assistance. Floods also occurred in and The flood was caused due to the outcome of the failure of small river dykes in West Bengal that were overtopped by excessive water collected through heavy downpour.

The seriously affected regions were on the western side of the Brahmaputra, the area below the confluence of the Ganges and the Brahmaputra, considerable areas north of Khulna and finally some areas adjacent to the Meghalaya hills.

The water is required to grow rice, so natural flooding replaces the requirement of artificial irrigation, which is time consuming and costly to build.

It was followed by a famine, which caused great loss of life at bakerganj. The floods occurred between July and September, causing many deaths, and many people were left homeless.

Floods in Bangladesh can be divided into three categories: Cholera broke out immediately after flood.

Astronomers Arya Bhatta and Brahmagupta also studied the monsoon. Twenty-eight districts were flooded. Several major studies were taken up in They disgorged water from seasonal wet monsoon rains and melting glaciers and snow in the Himalaya.

Nearly all the monsoon drainage of the northwest region east of the atrai river and south of the Tista river passes through this flood basin to the Brahmaputra. Flooding caused by this drainage congestion exists nearly everywhere except in the highland and hilly areas in the northern and eastern parts of the country.

A total of aboutpeople died. Types of floods While the issue of flooding and the ongoing efforts to limit its damages are prevalent throughout the entire country, there are several types of floods that have recently occurred regularly, affecting different areas in their own distinct way.Effect of flood on agricultural wages in Bangladesh: An empirical analysis* Lopamudra Banerjee** Summary This paper analyzes the effects of riverine floods on agricultural wages in Bangladesh.

Drawing upon the district-wise monthly real agricultural wage data, over January to Decemberfor the any happening that causes great. Causes and impact of Flooding - LEDC case study 2; The official death toll was just overbut secondary effects of the flood included typhoid outbreaks and a decrease in econonomic output.

bACKGROUND. The floods in Bangladesh in eclipsed the country's previous flooding disaster inlasting for nearly 3 months, instead of.

Bangladesh floods on a regular basis, RECENT notable and catastrophic floods have occurred in (return period of 1 in every 50 to years), and Causes of flooding in Bangladesh.

Sep 07,  · It then explores the social, economic and environmental impacts of this flooding through the personal accounts of people living by the major rivers and on Bangladesh's char lands. Impact of flood disasters in Bangladesh: A multi-sector regional analysis.

Author links open overlay panel Afsana Haque Sarwar this research investigates induced effects of flood disaster scenarios on national and regional output, income and employment through Input–Output model.

Asian Development Bank and World Bank Floods in. Floods in Bangladesh can be divided into three categories: (a) monsoon flood - seasonal, increases slowly and decreases slowly, inundates vast areas and causes huge losses to life and property; (b) flash flood - water increases and decreases suddenly, generally happens in the valleys of the hilly areas; and (c) tidal flood - short duration.

A look at the causes and effects of floods in bangladesh
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