A comparison for my like and dislike of summer and winter

The mountains feel like home to me and I so enjoy going back. Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune. Anyways, its more my speed. In a high hall or church It may be best NOT to run the fans at all in summer. In fact, as I type this on Monday morning at almost 8: Here are my five reasons why winter is my favourite time of the year!

Most of the time, though, the heat is miserable - at least in my opinion.

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I love the much more leisurely pace of summer. So you shuffle to the door and the brisk Wisconsin winter wind slaps you in the face — reminding you exactly who is boss around these parts. So winter can be in summer! Summer is just a time to have fun.

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When it is summer in the southern hemisphere where Australia isthat hemisphere is tilted towards the sun and the rays have less distance to travel, while the top part northern hemisphere is tilted away from the sun so its rays have further to travel and are thus weaker.

Or even worse, the lips that are so dry they burn unless you lick them. So I hope you enjoyed this answer, and I hope it is helpful to you. Eleven reasons to get ticked off at Winter is just the beginning. This lowers the demand for cooling since the hot layer on top is an excellent insulation between the cool air near the floor and the people and the hot roof and outside.

11 Things We All Hate About Winter in Wisconsin

However, the air is only moved but not cooled! You can relax with a great book or entertaining film, knowing that the frosty weather is safely on the opposite side of the window! The temperature changes are actually caused by the tilt of the Earth on its axis. What are some ways animals adapt for the winter?

Just let me stay under these warm covers forever. This will redirect the warm air from the ceiling and down the walls and into the living space where the people actually are.

Spinning in circles on a slippery highway is very intense! Maybe you can play more sports in the summer, but you can play almost all of those sports in the winter. So why do I hate the summer? Planets are also all typically spherical, have significant gravity of their own, and orbit a star.

Why do monkeys and human look alike in some ways? Posted by Beyond Blue Who would have known that there are so many summer haters out there? It can be not very nice how early in the evenings it becomes dark.

Honestly, summer is not my favorite season, but there are some things about it that I really like! Some of the northern parts of Australia are tropical and so do not have the regular four seasons because they are positioned closer to the equator than other parts of Australia. In the summer In a room of normal height 8 - 10 ftyou should operate your fan so that it turns clockwise this looks counterclockwise as you are looking upcausing a more directed downdraft, especially with the fan running slightly faster.

If you have a high ceiling, or are trying to heat a hall or a church, you may want to increase the fan speed so that the warm air will reach the living space as long as the fan speed does not create an unwanted downdraft at the people below.

Do you prefer winter or summer?

Why do you get summer and winter? More like an Arctic blast of air that shocks you and makes you gasp. THey could wear light clothes.Oct 02,  · In my country the summer is too hot and winter is too cold, so I like the time when is the weather changing from summer to winter and from winter to summer Status: Resolved.

Why I hate summer

Here in my country it is usually very hot in the summer so winter is a huge treat for us and we enjoy it a lot. In the evenings, the whole family gathers and we watch television while eating dry fruits like. My reasons for completely hating winter are winter clothing,lack of sunshine, and cold,obviously.I love my skirts,dresses,shorts,sleeveles tops,t-shirts,I love the sun,the warmth,my flowers,summer thunder storms and rain,laying on the earth,the green grass,I love the freedom and relaxation.

Summer and winter compare and contrast In many perspectives summer is hot, like a degree oven and others say that winter is cold as ice. When it comes between summer and winter people consider that it is comparing apples and oranges, but in a way it is not.

I mean, yes, I’ve listed the reasons (it makes me look like I have my act together to write those pieces 8 ways to unhate summer, 7 ways to barbecue your enemy on the grill, 6 ways to stop.

E cclesiastes got it wrong. It should be "to everyone there is a season".

5 Reasons to love winter!

And mine's winter. I like duvets, cardigans, baked potatoes, not shaving my legs, shoes with socks – on me and others.

A comparison for my like and dislike of summer and winter
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